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November 24, 2019

We're All Gonna Die

we’re all gonna die ya know
me, you, the guy driving the cab
the fancy office man in the suit
the woman in the stylish dress and heels
who keeps checking her look in the reflection of
the office building windows
the bum standing on the corner asking for money
i wish i knew when
or maybe i don’t wanna know
but it’s gonna happen
i have to take my glasses off so I can see
and i see it comin’ 
the tap tap tap of the grim reaper on my shoulder
he says in a deep voice
c’mon son, it’s time
but i don’t wanna go reaper, i got a lot of things to do yet
i haven’t read war and peace 
it’ll take me a couple of months or so
but he doesn’t care, he says again “it’s time”
and just like that it’s over