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November 26, 2019

A Mr. Know-It-All

I used to be an alpha male
didn’t give a damn, went to jail
called a friend to make my bail
nobody could tell me a thing
I knew fall came after spring
didn’t know what the future would bring
nobody else knew any better
I’d be an international jet setter

I sure thought I knew it all
settin’ myself up for a fall
banging my head against the wall 
everybody else got the breaks
I ate spam and they ate steaks
didn’t have what it takes
always found myself on the outside
without a ticket to take a ride

it’s all who you know you know you know
same old thing wherever you go
New York, L.A. or Toronto
rich get richer poor get poorer
it’s a conspiracy you can’t ignore
just never could make a big score
I just gave it all up one rainy day
took my ideas and threw ‘em away 

I was an angry young man
an angry young man who didn’t have a plan
yet I still couldn’t understand
then I morphed into damned middle age
full of resentment and full of silly rage
checkin’ for my name in the obituary page
then an old man mad at the world
just a sorry old man mad at the world