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November 29, 2019


unmotivated always-always was a slacker
unvarnished wood lacking a lacquer 
an uncomplicated man running away
from a complex world getting complexer each day
I wish I could unsee a lot of things
I wish I could undo a lot of things
unable to contact my stream is buffering 
don’t wanna look at all the suffering 
unafraid of the future unregretful of the past
indifferent about the stones I’ve cast
my shoes untied totally unconcerned
after all this time what have we learned
unsatisfactory performance well so what
i’m a knife unconcerned about what I’ve cut
life can be so unrewarding
circuits overloaded flashing a warning 
got a cold then get some 7UP and toast
I’m as cold as the water on the New England coast
unrequited love always still hurts
the older you get the more it disconcerts 
under fire-- 88MM guns
blown up before you can even run
unmentionables you wanna talk about anyway
I haven’t got anything to say
unbelievable except you should believe it
it happened in front of you why don’t you believe it
unavailable leave a message at the tone
better yet, just leave me alone