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November 22, 2019

Two Like Pennies

she said there’s many ways to show a woman affection 
in case you’re thinkin’ about throwing some my direction 
I said I really hadn’t thought about it 
but the truth is I seriously doubt it
I hope you don’t go and pout about it 

why ruin things when they’re going good
I feel comfortable in your neighborhood 
love only invites complication
a certain level of frustration 
a stormy day full of precipitation 

I don’t wanna invite any future trouble 
like a burned out building full of rubble
I think we oughta just leave things alone
not be two dogs fighting over a bone
or trying to pass in a no passing zone

she emptied her glass of gin and vermouth 
and said honestly to tell you the truth 
if you came on to me I’d tell you to go to hell
I’m not looking for no hard sell
we’re just two like pennies down a wishing well