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November 20, 2019

Cold Hard Rain

how old am I you ask? well that all depends
I can be whatever age you want me to be
you want me to be 18? I’m 18
you want me to be 30 well then I’m thirty
you want a distinguished older man 55 or 60?
then that’s how old I am honey
you say I can be your ray of sunshine
that’s not something I can be
I’m a cold hard rain baby
I’m just being straight with you
I drink too much, stay up all night
art is my girlfriend and poetry is my mistress
I ain’t got room for nobody else
it takes time all my time and I ain’t got much left
you’re better off looking elsewhere
for somebody to be your white knight
cuz it ain’t me babe no no no
ya like a little turtles?
nothing to see here move along