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November 3, 2019

Steel Mill 4-12

the dayshift makes their way out to their cars
and they head straight for the harbor bars
to drink all night until they see stars
the 4-12 shift drifts slowly in
a collection of never-was’s and has-beens 
an old white haired loner and a couple of twins
a few puerto ricans and a couple of Greeks 
all wearing some old clothes and they already reek
on the first day of a long work week
young men growing old with a sense of resignation 
old men getting older that’s their occupation 
a river of life that’s choked with stagnation 
#3 boiler to work on tonight 
steel mill fifth floor hot at that height
lean on the wrench with all your might
now it’s break time-- go grab some air
a cigarette- cup of coffee whatever’s there
the clock is tickin’ it just don't care
old dirty rags and greasy tools
learning stuff they never taught you in schools
learning a whole new set of rules
now it's dinner time head back downstairs 
bring your own or roach coach fare
play some cards or give an empty stare
a little time left-grab the green elevator 
sixth floor exit to the roof see you later
cold out there like a refrigerator 
it started to rain and it’s getting wetter 
california dreaming of something better
like watching a sunset and warmer weather