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October 31, 2019

Halloween Night

Halloween night
afraid of foreshadowing dead end streets full of haunted houses 
spooks spooking spoked specimens 
goblins ghosts ghouls
pretty witches dancing in see thru black chiffon
ugly witches flying on brooms and stirring cauldrons
skeletons with screaming skulls
all night kegger party at the morgue
creaking coffins opening to reveal the dead and unburied
evil laughter begetting bloodcurdling fear
black cats crossing your path on the heaved-up sidewalk
cadavers reaching out for you-they just want to be friendly
meditating in the old cemetery next to a tombstone 
by a freshly dug grave waiting for its occupant
under the full moon
shadows dart around on the dead grass
wind crying-mourning through the trees
ghouls on the prowl for souls
pumpkins laughing chillingly into the night
spine tingling apparitions--restless souls
flickering lights in dead windows
curtains blowing in the breeze
vampires in trees swooping down on the unsuspecting 
spirits dancing twirling around the table
Houdini making contact in a seance