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November 5, 2019

Nuclear War

I think nuclear war might be the only thing that can save us
we’re destroying ourselves s-l-o-w-l-y
better run for a friendly cave
families, friends, strangers, embryos--
gone in seconds--every form annihilated
my reasoning really ain’t that exaggerated
things have gotten too overcomplicated
things will get incinerated
little creepy crawlies on the sidewalk in front of my apartment
the bugs in the overgrown postage stamp complex yard
I know you say it ain’t your department
we’ve played the queen of spades, the royal death card
yard choked with weeds and where empty bottles and cigarette butts go to live
you say you don’t have nothin’ you can give
your bucket of compassion has got a big old sieve
something I can’t really forgive
the roly-polys under the brown dirty dirt
you don’t even care to try to re-arrange
when I accuse you don’t act like you’re so hurt
you don’t care about anything, you never change
polluted skies and dirty old man rivers
too many takers and not enough givers
too much takin’ alcohol equals cirrhosis of the liver
you promise a lot but never deliver
some can sense it others are unaware
some like you--you just don’t care
it would be much faster and less painless
over in a flash--an end to the brainless
all things that live must die
the earth gave us life and we spit in its eye
so get ready baby to say goodbye