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November 12, 2019

Mystic Girl

mystic girl dressed in your gypsy clothes 
it’s a look you like
you say you can tell what the future holds
you like to be thought of as a little touched
by special powers a medium to the dead
some people don’t believe so much
think you’re a little off in the head

you sit and look into your crystal ball
tellin’ me what I should look out for
but you don’t know where you’re goin’ at all
reading palms to pay the rent
relying on your grasp of the sixth sense
your occupation is of a mystical bent
your room is filled with sweet incense

a belief in the after world and apparitions
not of this world but of another
the haunted and all kinds of superstition
you got a big belief in ESP
for fun you like to visit the cemetery
mystic girl where do you think I’ll be?
just tell me good stuff, nothin’ scary