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November 10, 2019

Silver Moon

after a night of some serious drinking--
snowshoes--whiskey and schnapps very potent
friends dropping me off
I was on my knees and felt like I should say a prayer
but that would have been hypocritical of me
so my pants got dirty without religion
I leaned up against the old brown house with broken shingles
thankful to be home sweet home
couldn’t find my keys to get in
spend the night outside in the backyard in the wet grass
wasn’t fussy at that point, just wanted to go to sleep or die
under the eyes of the silver moon
just watch over me and keep me safe mr. moon
laying there I began to feel a cool mist falling on me
heal me mother earth 
pure ecstasy I was feeling 
the softness of the ground, the wetness of the rain
reinvigorated and remembered the back porch wasn’t locked
couldn’t stay in the rain ALL night
lead rubber legs jelly up the stairs seeing through a kaleidoscope 
fumbled with the door handle
there was a plaid print couch but I didn’t make it and didn’t care
laid on the plastic green indoor outdoor carpet 
next to my muddy work shoes and an old dog toy
fell asleep until I rolled over on my keys and they stabbed me
they weren’t there earlier I swear but maybe they were
I could of pulled myself off the floor with considerable effort
got in the house 
but I was drunkenly content till morning
shine through the aluminum windows and a bird tapping on the fiberglass roof 
false awakening but so beautifully true