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November 14, 2019

Impermanence Is A Bitch

I found a good book on Tsarist Russia 
and a black leather jacket 
at this church thrift store downtown 
I discovered a new great place to get old stuff
then the next week it burned to the ground 

had a car that got me through college
took me to the coast and back, Friday night cruises
tailgates at football games, late night shenanigans 
I loved that car—then it was stolen 
never saw it again

donna was my girl at school
loved art and poetry like me
promised to be true—soul mates to the end
inseparable were we and would always be
until she left for new york with my former best friend 

now I got pain in painful places
my body breaking down down down
my hands have got a twitch
don’t see good but well enough to know 
impermanence is a bitch