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October 15, 2019

She Was A Svengali

she was a svengali
svengali she was
getting men to do whatever she wanted
she had the power, she knew it and she used it
70,000 volts
I saw it in her flirty evil eyes
made myself invisible like I always did
but some were enchanted by her angelic beauty
entranced bamboozled and ultimately betrayed
by her soft touch, her whispery indirect voice
the way she moved her head and flipped her hair
the scrunched up nose, the toothy smile
every cutesy move choreographed for maximum effect
up she went on the climb
each man a rung on the ladder
she was looking for higher heights
found it in a high-priced San Francisco lawyer
with a few million in the cushions of his couch
and a glass corner office on the 45th floor
of some magic pyramid building by the bay
on a crooked street high on a hill