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October 13, 2019

Nothing and Something

there’s nothing and there’s something and nothing is something
everything is nothing when it all comes down to it
just get what you need and get out
get down get down get down bad dog baby
don’t get tossed by the hurricane winds that blow
look it straight in the eye
you can’t see it, but it’s there 
and what you can’t see can hurt you 
you can understand so much that other people think you’re crazy…
that’s a good crazy—crazy like a fox
things come and go— that’s the way it is so what’s with the angst?
“I can’t believe it”...believe it—it just happened 
the best ones say little but do much
most ones say a lot and do little...thoughts and prayers
don’t let the unbalanced throw you off balance 
walk the tightrope like Philippe Petit
I was gonna say like Karl Wallenda
but we all know how that turned out
keep it simple and stay out of trouble
nothing good happens after midnight and now even sooner 
i might be alone but that’s ok and I’m alright 
it’s not me, it’s really it is YOU