October 17, 2019


check out the hockey game 
back check fore check hip check 
body check into the boards
check for your chiclets 
chiclets is hockey slang for teeth
met a Czech once in Czechoslovakia 
which has since checked out 
she asked me if I could cash a check for her
I said “what am I, a bank?”
check in time 3:00 pm at the hotel california 
a reality check sends me back to my own world 
writing a blank check 
writing a bad check
we’ve all done that a few times 
or writing a check with our mouths
that our fists can’t cash
living check to check
the check is in the mail...honest
at last check
I’ll take a rain check 
I’ll pick up the check and give it to you 
check out the damage 

2 claim checks for baggage at terminal one