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September 24, 2019

Tahiti Bound

shaman or sham man I don’t need you
what I need is a friendly bartender who can spot me a few drinks
cuz I’ve had a tough day pounding the streets
tryin’ to make a buck or two
and it just ain’t happening
I’m no salesman, I’m more of a sails man
get aboard a boat adjust the sails
get lost somewhere seven seas uncharted  
old brown crinkly map or navigate by the stars
someplace I can find myself or at least find myself alone
away from all these idiots
set sail and weigh the anchor
c’est la vie mon amie and with a little luck
I’m tahiti bound introduce myself to Gauguin
native girls ease my mind
tropical color soothe my jangled nerves
livin’ on coconut and papaya from the trees
stretched out in a hammock white sand
palm trees shade icy drink in a glass
ocean orchestra playing the melody again and again