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September 26, 2019

My First Love

my first beauty my first love
all sexy in red and white flash
in love in Love in LOVE
always be together you and me
i’ll take good care of you
i’ll be easy on you
i’ll treat you right
and so it went for awhile
but after awhile passed
i’m not sure when but it wasn’t the same anymore
call it taking you for granted
call it complacency--call it boredom
but it wasn’t like it was when it was
i didn’t take good care of you like i promised
my handling of you was a little rough at times, i can be forgiven for that can’t I
I didn’t treat you right all the time
left you outside in the weather 
I got a roving eye
we broke up for good
I don’t even remember if I said goodbye at the car lot
where I traded you in for a newer model