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September 29, 2019

Biscayne Bay

climb aboard rickety wood boat it’s a wonder it can float
biscayne bay lie on the beach all day
rum out a coconut—drunk outta my head
the lady laughs and don’t care—life is short she says “You want more rum?”
late afternoon lobster red
gonna be a long night
sand in my everything 
sun in my eyes even though it’s 1 a.m.
beach bar multicolored lights spin
drinking a hurricane with a girl named Slim
wondering what state i’m in
state of anemia confusion anxiety 
oh yeah I’m out of state out of country out of touch
somewhere between someplace and someplace else
half moon cay mayyybe
or/and all nautical points in between
in the morning i’ll be feeling ten knots in my head
take a bath in white bubbly Noxzema
head to the casino
blackjack is my game and I lose all my money
dealer swimming in 20 and 21’s
sit in the lobby on green tropical print couch
looking at the airline arrivals and departures on an LED screen
Slim’s left town with her long straight brown hair
and that cynical smile