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September 22, 2019


excommunicated from the church
exit row kick open the door 
exit and gather up all personal belongings 
taking small children by the hand
ex-wife--sometimes I’m sad, sometimes I’m angry, mostly indifferent
she was good in the sack though 
expunged record
exonerated of criminal charges 
just excited to be here
your exalted royal highness
1911 cherry brandy--a most excellent vintage 
exchange student from France
sale items excluded
exasperated expectations 
all she could play on the piano was Exodus but she played it well
commitment to excellence 
exotic dancers blurry it’s late—can’t see straight 
export business Japanese antiquities 
a world of antiques and antooks
stop exaggerating I’ve told you a million times
expect the unexpected 
on the brink of extinction
exhausted and egg-zosted 
despised and exiled
a former ruler of the great expanse