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September 5, 2019

Beach Day

the clouds gathered like mourners at a funeral
no tears no fears only bikinis
sand in my shoes, rain in my eyes
stomach full of cheap chinese lunch and some Tsingtao beer
empty beach full of seagulls squawking
do you have food they ask
riptide alert say the flags at the lifeguard station
bronze people who look impressive but I don’t know
if they could save a life if they had to
the few people there don’t care what the flags wave
you come to Sarasota, you goin’ to the beach
voted the #1 beach by some such and such group
getting wet and sticky but now the rain is like a sweet shower
fresh strong breeze do as you please
thunder rumbling no one seems to hear
teenage boys playing beach volleyball
trying to impress girls watching them
yesterday’s castles in the sand crushed or deformed
high tide coming in and the rough of water
traversing the sand like Lawrence of Arabia to the parking lot
just need omar sharif to ride by
lightning bolt says goodbye and good luck