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September 7, 2019

Up Close and Personal

Maybe you’ve heard of past life regression
that is--under hypnosis or in deep meditation
being able to recall moments from past lives
I’m involved in what I call current life regression
regressing down to finding my way around the gutter
started at the top and worked my way down
just when you think it can’t get any worse
it does--it always does baby
a ray of sunshine smothered by a big old dark cloud
lightning strike six feet in front of me
emphasizing my station in life
a station where the train don’t run to anymore
about that lightning strike, kinda awesome really
it wasn’t remote viewing—it was up close and personal 
like somebody was taking my picture with a 5000 watt flash
or like I was on stage and the stage lights were all put on me
i saw like a little thread of orange in the brightness
if i had taken a couple more steps, I wouldn’t be writing this right now
and my current life regression would be over