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September 3, 2019

Read The Candle

time to read the candle 
read the candle flame burning bright in the night
read the wax dripping down on the dusty glass table
that ain’t seen no Windex in a while
look at the patterns it makes and figure out what it means
get out the candle you got a few Christmases ago 
from that friend you gave expensive headphones to
and you got a frickin’ candle
anyway, get it out of the closet and dust it off
it’s next to the guitar you bought and never learned to play
and the bowling ball you use for league on Fridays
no Endust in that closet for awhile either
you never used that candle or planned to 
unless the next hurricane zapped your power for a week
or maybe as a regift to somebody
but now it could be most useful
letting you know what your future will be
who knew?