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August 5, 2019


news flash
cops are scouring the city for Terry ‘Slippery Fingers’ Hargen
in the news Christopher Glenn
breaking news
faking news
if it bleeds it leads

all the news that’s fit to print and there’s not much of that anymore 
bearer of bad news
bad news on the doorstep 
you’ve always been bad news
but no news is good news 
yesterday’s news is news to me—I don’t keep up

bad news travels fast
three fastest ways—telephone, telegraph, tell a woman HA! old joke
you’re second hand news Lindsay
news at 11
eyewitless news told to you by half-wit models
death, death, murder, shooting, death more death news
always end though with a feelgood news story to make you feel good
before you go to bed
Extra! Extra! read all about it 
Chicago Daily News defunct
put to bed permanently 
old newsmen now in an old bar getting soused
telling old stories and swapping old lies
newspapers -30-