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August 3, 2019

Astrology and Me

so I decide to try astrology
you know you use your birthdate to see what’s going to happen in the future
you can use it to check personality and character traits of you
or somebody else
better yet--go to an astrologer like I did and tell ‘em
when you were know— 
came into this world kicking and screaming
they can interpret the planetary influences 
how the stars and planets aligned
was the moon in the seventh house
was Jupiter aligned with mars—age of aquarius
all that jazz
I was born under a bad star you say?
that figures--that explains a lot
I got a sun sign that was obscured 
by a heavy fog and overcast conditions when I showed up 
I didn’t like what she said
so I decided to foretell my own future
I used alomancy
that’s throwing salt on the floor and interpreting the pattern
I read tea leaves, sticks on the ground, whatever
I decided that I had a bright future
things would get decidedly get better
but I couldn’t convince myself
I always thought that stuff was a bunch of bs