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August 6, 2019

Yoga Man

Yoga man, I’ve come thousands of miles to see you
India ain’t just around the corner from my place
planes, trains, walking down dusty roads barefoot 
pretending to be without a care
I hope you can ease my pain
I want some peace of miiiiiiiiiiind, a spiritual transformation 
stretch it out—let the mind chill
maybe you can show me how
turn me in turn me out
I’m on a wanderer on an endless road trip
been to temples and that didn’t help
holy shrines that weren’t transmitting holiness to me
just vague murmurings I couldn’t translate 
maybe I just wasn’t getting it 
I’m tired and I need tranquility
I’m stuck in some bardo or something
I ain’t dead but I don’t feel alive either
matsyasana bhujangasana
salabhasana dhanurasana
kick me in the ass-sana bro