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August 22, 2019

Empty Heads

people are always talking--empty heads talk talk talk
mouths full of empty words--fake camaraderie
a little yin, a little yang, some ice in a glass
no olives--make it a double bartender
i’m just tryin’ to stay on the straight and narrow
and out of the muddy roadside ditches I usually find myself in
alongside my pathetic dreams splattered  
but no matter what pointless points of view you hold
the way of the world chugs on down that track
diesel engines churning, coal car burning, steel wheels turning
judging a book by its cover 
read the first page--that’s what I thought
be natural-au natural-pure crystal clear
zombie phonies run rampant, false fronts--fake facades, false bottoms
ya need what you need but you don’t need what you don’t need
don’t fall--eyes bigger than the stomach syndrome
playin’ games I wanna play and not the ones
the man tries to make me play
full moon fever in fashion, know when to say when
too much this too much that--it’s all too much
I give up I accept
the world is a messed up mess full of empty messages and messengers