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August 24, 2019

Salt Power

Some people throw salt over their shoulder for luck
some throw it into the air and read the pattern it makes on the ground
people who do that are practicing alomancy
they probably don’t know it’s called that
I throw salt on my steak and chicken too
salt in my soup, on my celery, corn on the cob
i always add lots of butter just in case that’s good luck too
salt is a natural with a margarita or tequila
that’s my biggest source of salt intake I would guess
you can throw rock salt on the ground to melt ice on the sidewalk
or the little mailman won’t walk up to your house and give you your mail
you know, bills, bills, more bills, letters from companies you owe money to
letters from scum lawyers that are addressed to you
maybe you can throw rock salt on the sidewalk and interpret
the pattern that the salt melts the ice
they say too much salt ain’t good for you
so I balance it out with pepper, garlic, and cumin
a little jalapeno and sriracha can’t be bad for you either