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July 22, 2019

The Dark Blue Skies

I used astral projection 35 millimeter film
to launch myself into the dark blue skies
flying by planets a silver rocketship mercury 8 capsule
skating by the stars like I was on ice
took a bite of the Milky Way
110 proof that I did
this astral body just sprawled out under a blanket of stars
rocking the electric stratosphere--it was so shocking
brushing the constellations soft as a dog’s ear
in through the out door of the galaxies
way out there and I don’t wanna come back
I took the ring of Saturn
and gave it to Pluto
let her wear it a while
musica universalis playing from a transistor radio pressed to my ear
spinning spinning spinning deep cuts from deep space
through space and time and whatever else
hello comet whatcha knowin’?
gotta go I know...can’t stand still
dark side of the moon is-- dark
now entering re-entry phase
Splashdown what a drag