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July 24, 2019

Bus #17

should of listened to my dog
his animal psi told him to tell me to stay home
should of killed a bottle of scotch
or voluntarily manslaughtered some vodka
and done 20 years
and all the while under a monsoon in June
bus stop blues cobalt n aquamarine 
bus is late (again), late for work
i’ll tell the old man the bus made me late
he’ll raise his voice but he knows he can’t get along without me
he’s told me so
I’m the only one who knows where everything is 
here comes #17 now
seats filled with faces of people 
who would rather be anywhere else 
just the way I feel
cheerful colorful umbrellas lie about the moods
black umbrellas know where it’s at
cards shuffling on and off at the stops
a red n black handful of jokers
my stop—putter around for a couple of hours 
borrow the old man’s car and get some lunch
come back, help find shakespeare for some college girl
with long black hair, too much makeup, and tight yoga pants
da boss be gone for the day now
raining dogs n dogs///no customers
stare out the window at the flashing ‘open’ neon sign across the street 
King Ennui is ruling 
time to lock up and hit the bars