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July 26, 2019

Four Jacks

i’ll open with four jacks
jack be nimble
jack be quick 
jack jumped over the moon 
jack wrote on the road 
satori in paris---big sur
jack drank way too much 
and it killed him eventually

jacques won a gold medal skiing—jacques is jack in French
if you don’t know that... go jacque off
cuz you don't know jack or jacques
the doctor said jack sprat could eat no fat
but he did anyway 
and he lived to be 90
before you can say jack robinson
or jackie robinson
or even robinson crusoe
running like a jackrabbit away from the cannibals
he didn't want to be the clam in their chowder 

I once knew a guy with an orange head named jack o’ lantern
he was always a popular guy around Halloween 
people kept trying to carve him up and stick a candle in him
jack and jill split up ya know
jack ran away with georgy porgy
there sure used to be a lot of jack's back then
remember that all work and no play makes jack a dull bastard
raise the union jack old boy because jack armstrong the all-american boy is dead