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July 28, 2019

My Sixth Sense

I tried materialization
focusing my mental powers
to make a bottle of beautiful bourbon appear
but it didn’t work
all I got was a headache and I didn’t have no hangover
let me channel my sixth sense or seventh sense
no...still not working
saturday morning movie flickering
an old film with all dead people
old friends coming to visit once more from the great beyond
voices from the dead bringing life to this dull life
steaming coffee in a red and purple vegetable cup
dog barking at mail truck--prowl and growl
open the side door and let the oven in
phone ringing--I’m not at home, leave me alone
I always liked this film-this piece of cinematique excellente
I use quotes from it whenever I can
and lines from other movies I like
in otherwise boring mundane real life conversations
practically nobody ever understands i.e. gets it
but I get a kick out of it 
little, little... so do you want my help?*
private inside jokes ha ha ha

*-from The Third Man & Dr.Zhivago