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July 30, 2019

In My Best Garrison Keillor Voice (The Writer’s Almanac)

It’s the birthday of the poet Alexander Hogan
he wanted to be a sports star
but never had the talent for it
wanted to be a rock star
but couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket as the old saying goes
so he worked dead end jobs for a while 
but he was restless and he set off to wander around the country
went to Europe
writing down observations about what he saw and how he felt
he then dedicated himself to writing
he wrote poetry and short stories
got published
did some poetry readings
besides writing, he became a painter
abstracts, expressionism, abstract expressionism
had his own art shows
Alexander Hogan, who once said
“By the time I found my own voice, laryngitis had set in”
drink well, skip work, and don’t be in touch