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July 20, 2019

Healing Stones

crystal or stone healing is a kind of therapy some people believe in
you put them in nearby places like by your bed or your pc or your liquor bottles
or in your car...anywhere you spend a lot of time and can be around them 
or on your person to help create positive energy wherever you go
which in theory gets rid of negative energy
you can hold them in your hand 
to draw out the energy of the stone…
they say to put them in a bath to charge the water while you relax in it…
just make sure they’re not electrical stones--only use acoustic 
hold them or put them in front of you when meditating…
crystals/stones aren’t magic but some say they can promote an inner feeling 
of harmony, strength, and rising spirit, uh, ok I'll go with that 
let them recharge their energy by putting them in the sun…
just like we can get energy and wellness from spending some time in the sun…
there are three castes of stones
cut stones which are like gemstones 
they’re the most expensive
you probably don’t need that
tumblestones can be found easily so they’re not so much
they're like polished stones
raw stones aren't shiny like tumblestones 
but emit the same amount of power so they say
some say bigger, more expensive stones are better, but that just ain’t true
it’s the feeling you get from a stone that matters
some say a certain stone is good for this, and another for that…
sounds like a marketing gimmick to get you to buy a lot of them
if you like a stone and it makes you feel good…
that’s what it’s all about
that’s all you need and it can be used for multiple things…
maybe get a few that you find attractive and go with that…
and that is what you need to know about healing stones
I once found a stone in the shape of New Hampshire so there’s that