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July 2, 2019

Cal's Liquors

I’ve been going to Cal’s Liquors for the last twenty years 
it’s on the same block as the check cashing place
so that makes it convenient 
I told the owner Ravi
(I don’t know what happened to Cal)
the liquor store and the check cashing place should get married
move in together and have a baby
like a little dollar store
then it would be like a one stop shop
you could get some money
buy some cheap whiskey 
and get some good dollar food
all in one place
now that’s what I call a plan
I oughta have a job on the business planning commission 
or some such thing for coming up with ideas like that 
(I wonder what happened to Cal)
but you probably gotta wear a suit and tie all day
or at least a shirt and tie
and sit in a lot of boring meetings 
and have dubious office potlucks
I wouldn’t have any interest in a job like that
(Ya know, I’m beginning to think there never was a Cal)