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July 4, 2019


Don’t ever settle for second best
unless you can’t get first best
let’s settle this outside
when the dust settles
settle in for the night
up--settle stomach--7UP and buttered toast for that
settle down and settle into a routine
don’t get upsettle over spilled milk
take some time off to settle your affairs
or to have some affairs
Miami to Settle 3,370 miles ocean to ocean coast to coast
settle space needle poking a hole in the clouds
settle fish market puttin’ on a show for the crowds
game 7 will settle it all
settle supersonics SLAM DUNK!
settle slew coming down the homestretch...TRIPLE CROWN!
settle sockeyes NHL?
poems to settle and then throw in the air
floating to the ground to settle in the spring grass
settle a debt with Chapter 7
unsettled weather Cat 5 storm making landfall