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June 30, 2019

Goodbye Everybody!

american poet Hart Crane
famous in the 20’s and 30’s 19 that is
obtained a lot of status as a writer for what it’s worth
wrote some erotic poems among others
went to Paris, got arrested, but who hasn’t?
had a nice place with a view of the East River
saw the harbor lights, the Brooklyn Bridge
watched the tugboats, barges, and sailboats go by
but he only saw himself as a failure they say
drank a lot like a lot of poets did and do
manic depression touched his soul
on board a steamship to N.Y. coming via Mexico way
jumped overboard into the Gulf of Mexico 
it was said he had been drinking a lot
no suicide note
people said he yelled "Goodbye, everybody!" 
and then threw himself overboard 
they never did find his body
on his father’s tombstone it is written 
Harold Hart Crane 1899–1932 lost at sea
his father had invented life savers candy
but sold the patent for a couple of thousand dollars
before it had gotten famous--that sucks