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June 28, 2019

Crystal Balls

crystal balls have been used for thousands of years
by mystics and fortune tellers by the thousands
those purveyors of psychic phenomena
they have been regularly consulted by laymen, generals, and kings...
all in the hope of unlocking what secrets
lie hidden away 
behind heavy wooden doors not yet opened
beyond foggy moats and drawbridges 
in the gothic castle known as the future
how is it possible that these fortune tellers can see into the future?
...why that’s like asking a magician how he does his tricks…
there are websites out there where they will supposedly ‘teach’ you 
to read a crystal ball, but that’s a bunch of hocus-pocus…
real fortune tellers who look into crystal balls
are people with a particular gift
a vision or perception which can’t be explained 
by those that want to explain everything…
they are born, not made…
they have an ability to see what cannot be seen 
by the regular man or woman—
much like people who possess the power of ESP
or mediums who can summon the spirits