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June 20, 2019

Indian Sadhu

a sadhu is a religious ascetic
a holy person who has renounced the worldly life
they follow a path of spiritual discipline and mysticism
you meditate a lot
wear simple clothes which means you don’t care about possessions
Hindu Epics say sadhus are a saint
or a sage, holy man (woman), seer, virtuous
they live away from society and seek their own spiritual things
In India these days, there’s like 5 million of them
that’s a lot of spiritual people
austere, revered by most
some practice asceticism, some don’t
some wear dreadlocks, some don’t
some practice solitary meditation, some don’t
some are chaste, some ain’t
begging for their food
traveling to holy places far far away
you can’t just be a sadhu but I don’t see why not
there don’t seem to be any rules
there is one rule I think
you’re supposed to find a guru first
but why bother? it’s not like somebody’s gonna ask
or you can just make it up
a lot of guys in India do this once they turn fifty if they can

and that’s what I think I know about sadhus