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June 18, 2019


take it easy
make it easy peazy
time takes time so take your time
take it anyway you can get it
Dave Brubeck take five 5/4 time
take a trip on your cosmic whirling ship
take a letter Maria
then take a walk on the wild side
but take your take and drown it in a lake
take your shot--I’ll make mine tequila
take a vacation and don't come back
take a break from the everyday blah
take time to smell the evergreens or pines
I’m not one for roses
take it as it comes
fake it ‘til you make it
put and take
take the fifth nothing to say
drink a fifth, take the plunge
take it away just wanna play
one take print it
take it all back back back back
take my word for it
take the A train