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May 11, 2019

You Live For Likes

You Live For Likes

you live for likes
I live for indifference
disconnected unplugged
off the social grid
no interest in social circles
my contacts are bartenders
and clerks at liquor stores
they keep changing
we’re not ‘friends’
I don’t know their names
they don’t know mine
my besties are Jack and Jim
a bunch of their buddies
found conveniently in bottles
on shelves for people like me
they keep me going
they help me write and dream
and fall asleep
and make time pass as pleasantly as possible

All You Can Eat

two chicken breasts crispy
two pieces steak medium well
bourbon street chicken
mashed potatoes and gravy
cottage cheese and applesauce
three chunks of watermelon
some salad (gotta be healthy)
two pieces chocolate fudge
two and a half pieces of carrot cake
an ice cream cone (chocolate vanilla swirl)
two glasses ice water
one cup of coffee
another ice cream cone
one more cup of coffee
ain’t all you can eat buffets great?