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May 13, 2019


A flying cross against a gray-blue sky
darting in and out of white cotton
but wait!
maybe it’s a Stuka dive bomber
from the word Sturzkampfflugzeug
with a pilot
who somehow doesn't know
the war is over
I'll hear that shrieking noise
the ominous wailing siren
as that plane hurtles toward me
in a death defying dive
down down down
down to the ground
down to the ground with that death is imminent sound
the rat-a-tat tat, rat-a-tat tat
of machine guns firing
kicking up clouds of dirt as
the bullets hit the earth
coming closer and closer and closer to me
just inches behind my heels as I dive for cover such luck
they'll be no excitement this afternoon
the benevolent plane disappears into a cloud bank