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May 9, 2019

Happy Accidents

some people get all the breaks
they got what is called serendipity
serendipity means ‘happy accidents’...
good things just seem to happen to them…
in the right place at the right time
...trippity, hippity, dippity…
even if some misfortune comes along
things look grim
they always come out of it
smelling like a rosette or a rosay as the French say
...serendipity is like a magical cloud overhead…
you’ve probably known somebody like that
I know I have...this guy got out of more scrapes
had more good fortune than anybody else I’ve ever known…
what makes them the lucky ones?
we were riding around the park on our motorcycles
we stopped to use the little boys room
he goes first and on the way there
finds a wallet with over $200 in it…
why couldn’t I have gone first and found it?...
and no, there wasn’t any ID in it…
or so he said
he did give me $100 so there’s that…
I know that if I would have gone first
the wallet wouldn’t have been there…
cuz stuff like that don’t ever happen to me
except for the time when I was following a motorhome
and two girls sitting by the rear window
took off their tops and bras
I don’t know if that counts as serendipity but I’ll take it
sure do wish I had some of that serendipity in my pocket