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February 21, 2019

All American White Men Are Evil

I’m always amused when I hear some fool say on television, “We are seeing history”, or muse about some event as history being kidding idiot, anything that happens becomes history or historic...there’s nothing significant or groundbreaking about that...what is different is that some history is more noteworthy and likely to be remembered than other our own lives, we have certain things that stand out from the past...for some reason unclear undefined or understandable, there are those things that have a seemingly permanent place in that little corner of the mind that the great architect designed to hold such things...some are trivial, silly things to others, but they are historic to us...and some things remain remembered for no reason whatsoever and we need a delete file button to press to erase them from our hard drive and free up space so that we can remember stuff that we really want to remember... another thing about history is it isn’t always the truth despite what the ‘authorities’ want you to believe...for thousands of years, history has been embellished, whitewashed, or twisted into some kind of lie...go through any older history book and you will find things that are not quite the truth...lies, exaggerations, half-truths...they’re all there--whatever it takes to present their ‘version of the truth’ when one side writes things about a war—the winners always write the ‘definitive’ version of what actually happened even though it may not have actually happened that way--and it’s accepted as fact by most people...these days, a new version of history is being written about old history and many people want to rewrite history to paint a more favorable portrait of things or to push a social agenda...something like how physically challenged eskimos actually played a huge part in the winning of World War know something to push the desired agenda and place in history...and certain people want to try and minimize the evil white man’s role in anything good...all American white men are evil right?..we all are the white devil--I mean if you watched that dreck of a movie ‘Wonder Woman’, you would certainly think American Indian fighting wearing native dress because the WHITE MAN stole his land, another guy complaining the WHITE MAN wouldn’t let him be an actor...true, some did but why pound it over somebody else’s head? I supposed to feel guilty?...well, the brainwashing is working on some but not me...I don’t go to that many movies, but I’ve noticed a new trend in films...whereas the black guy was always the first to die, now the theme is that the white man is evil or stupid and gets his comeuppance like in the movie ‘The Meg’ for example...this usually involving being killed...if a white guy isn’t evil, you can bet he usually has an Australian accent or something or is kinda dopey acting...another example was that cinematic classic ‘Unstoppable’ and no I don’t know who was in had a not too bright white guy being schooled by an older black guy with a Hispanic woman who if I remember correctly was some kind of railyard boss...and sure enough there was an older white guy who played the corporate bad guy...what a surprise...--but about all white men being evil...uh, noooo...some are evil of course but they can’t all be painted with the same broad brush any more than you can ‘paint’ any other just can’t believe ‘history’ anymore though and the way the world is going, I’m not sure you can believe anything anymore, words pictures ‘facts’’s like a ride at Disney World...everything seems to be fake now no matter how much they try to make it look real.