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February 24, 2019


In my experience, there’s several types of people who inhabit work cubicles...I myself wouldn’t be caught dead in one and then remind me of mausoleum crypts, but I’ve been in and out of office buildings enough to scope the layout and get a read on the different types of employees you got the worker who takes to heart that they spend half of their waking hours there and should make their cubicle feel like home...they have pictures of their spouse, their ever so beautiful children in cute little frames, their pets, photos of every living relative, and so on...small plants and other much peripheral stuff on their desk, they practically don’t have room for what their actually supposed to be’s clutter city...if they ever get fired, they’ll have to get a U-Haul to take all that garbage home once the company throws it in a corner of the human resources department in a few nice boxes (how generous of them),...then you have the worker who has papers all over their desk, and every inch of anywhere else is taken up with sticky notes...can’t find a square inch of empty space on their desk or surrounding area...they often get complimented by clueless management on how busy they must be and how much work they must be doing...most of the time, these kind don’t know up from down and if their desk is a mess, you can imagine what a dump they must live in...the truth is that they don’t get much done, but they sure create the impression that they do, and it’s all about perception isn’t it?...if their phone rings, it’s five minutes to find it...there’s another kind that posts motivational sayings all over, or puts pictures of expensive sports cars by their computer to urge them that for themselves or if they just think they are impressing management with that charade...of course, they have no chance of ever getting such a car at that kind of job which pays weekly...very weakly...and motivational sayings aren’t worth the junk their written on, but they sure do look impressive to the’s a sure sign of a motivated employee!...yeah, sure...their motivated all right...motivated to find a better job before long and leave this loser of a job behind...then there’s the type that keep a nice organized desk...these are the kind of workers who usually do the most, but management figures they must not be doing nothing since their desk is so tidy...they don’t go around beating their chest about what they’ve done...they do their work quietly and efficiently...they usually get passed over when it comes time for promotions...they never win the employee of the month award...they’re overlooked by the big boss types...another kind of employee in that circus is the kind that I would be...the one that brings absolutely nothing in from home...they know their position is always tenuous and that the first time management figures they can get by without them to save money, they’ll be shown the door...they know that it’s easy come, easy go...they work from day to day like the hired gun they are...when their employer decides they don’t need the hired guns anymore, then the gun wanders onto the next town...they use a paper cup to drink out of, not even wanting to bring their own mug to work...if they get let go, they can just walk out and be save the embarrassment of having to get a box to take their crap out.