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January 11, 2018


Thoughtogrophy which is sometimes called psychic photography is the claimed ability to send one’s thoughts and have them show up on regular photographs…the whole idea seems crazy, but it first emerged in the late 19th century as a response to the influence of spirit photography…spirit photography is a type of photography whose primary purpose is to capture images of ghosts and other spiritual entities…especially in ghost hunting…more about that in a moment…some have left the lens cap on their camera and taken pictures of their forehead or not exactly their forehead, but those photographs would then be shown to demonstrate what was going through the psychic’s mind…this idea of course was widely panned as being fake…that would be wild, taking pictures of your mind, but it could lead to some trouble I would guess...most of these supposed ‘psychics’ needed to have control over the film to produce their ‘results’...I wonder why…when it comes to capturing ghosts on film...well, I tend to be a little more open minded about it...but skeptics, among them many professional photographers, consider psychic photographs to be faked or the result of flaws in the camera or the film, manipulated exposures, film-processing errors accidentally or intentionally, flash reflections that produced an image, or chemical reactions that impacted the film…it is the opinion of most if not all, that spirit photography is a hoax…no matter how many ‘ghosts’ show up in pictures…or no matter how ‘real’ the photographs appear to be...but what if some of them are real?...what if occasionally a ghost decides to show up and get his picture taken?...if such a thing could be proven, you can only imagine the delirium it would cause...and really, who can say for sure that all those photos are fake?