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January 13, 2018

Psychic Surgery

Psychic surgery is considered a pseudoscientific medical fraud by practically all…yet it still goes on is one in which the practitioner creates illusions of performing surgery with his or her bare hands…and then uses trickery, fake blood, and animal parts that are hidden at first, then revealed, to convince the patient that the diseased lesions or some other kind of diseased internal body part have been removed and that the incision has miraculously healed already…magically leaving no scar or incision behind...any positive effects that come from this hoax are considered merely placebo in nature…the practitioner in supposed earnestness will pretend to make an incision and after ‘working’ a bit, he or she claims that they reached into the body and then show some kind of organic matter or foreign objects that were seemingly removed from the patient's body and tell them that they are cured…then the area is cleaned and the patient's skin will show no wounds or marks whatsoever…in 1975 the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) stated: it has been found that "psychic surgery" is pure fakery. The body is not opened, no "surgery" is performed with the bare hands or with anything else, and nothing is removed from the body...the entire "operation" is an egregious fraud perpetrated by sleight-of-hand and similar tricks and devices…wow, who could have guessed…if you saw the movie about Andy Kaufman, called ‘Man In The Moon’, there was a portrayal of one of these type ‘surgeries’…yet these types of surgeries still take place on desperate people who ‘so want to believe’ in this type of ‘treatment’ and that it is effective…sometimes patients will resort to this when they are told by regular doctors that there is no hope for them with standard medical treatment…out of desperation, they will turn to this ‘procedure’...perhaps there are a few of these people who perform these ‘surgeries’ in the belief that it may help a person from a mental aspect, if not a physical one...but my guess is that the vast majority do it simply as a money grab from desperate, dying people and nothing more...this kind of sham is what gives more legitimate forms of psychic power a bad name.