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January 9, 2018

Hot and Cold Readings

There are many different ways of fortune telling…fortune telling has been around for as long as civilization…obviously there are different methods of doing so…here are a couple of long-time practices and most common methods…there is the ‘cold reading’…that is a reading given with no prior knowledge of the sitter…often the fortune teller will make some very general statements which could practically apply to anyone…for example, “you have a scar on your knee”…now how many people DIDN'T fall down when they were a child and get a scar on their knee...the teller will then pair that up with inferences made from a variety of cues presented by the sitter…for example, their physical appearance, the type of clothes they are wearing, the tone of voice that the sitter uses or various statements they make…there is also what is called a ‘hot reading’… that is a reading given in which prior knowledge of the sitter has been obtained…often using fraudulent means or devious tactics…sometimes information will be heard during conversations that will be passed along to the fortune teller…or there are various research methods that can be utilized to make it seem like the fortune teller has ‘inside’ information…the teller will often combine these two to tell the receiver about their past and perhaps make a prediction on their future.