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January 1, 2018


You’ve no doubt heard the term pendulum…in popular use, a pendulum usually refers to any weighted object that can swing back and forth...such as in the Vincent Price movie ‘The Pit and The Pendulum’…maybe you’ve seen pendulums on certain types of old clocks…the pendulum is of course the round object that is below the face…the pendulum swings back and forth and in doing so in a rhythmic manner, keeps time…sometimes they will be used by a medium, or psychic….they hold a cord, chain, or something similar so that the pendulum can swing freely…then a question is asked and the movement of the pendulum determines what the answer is…there are different kinds of pendulums made out of a variety of materials…some mediums will carefully choose what kind of pendulum to use…depending on what information is trying to be ascertained…charts are used to determine the answers…it may be a yes and no chart…complete with ask again designations (just like the magic 8 ball)…other charts may have numbers…again the type of chart to be used will depend on the questions to be asked…some mediums are quite serious about this use of pendulums…there are even spells that are recommended before using one…if you wanted to try it, you could make your own pendulum and charts and ask away…your results would probably be as good as a ‘medium’ in this endeavor.