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January 3, 2018

Billet Reading

Billet Reading is a procedure in which a question is secretly written on a piece of paper…it is then folded or sealed in an envelope, and handed to a psychic who attempts to answer the question…the way it works is the mentalist (psychic) provides paper and pencils along with envelopes to the audience, who are then asked to write statements on the paper…then seal them in the envelopes…the envelopes are then usually collected by an assistant and handed to the mentalist…the mentalist then takes the first envelope and magically examines it…typically by holding it to their forehead. After a period of concentration, they announce what is written on the paper…the envelope is then opened to check that they have read it correctly…the mentalist will then select the next envelope and proceeds to mind-read the contents of that one and so-forth…if you have ever seen Johnny Carson do his Carnac skit, that is almost exactly how it is done…various trickery can be employed by fraudulent psychics and mentalists in an attempt to fool the audience into thinking the ‘psychic’ is actually able to ascertain the correct answer…this often involves having ‘plants’ in the audience to hand in envelopes that the psychic already knows the answer to…many of these fakes have been exposed over time…is it possible someone could actually be able to perform billet reading…who’s to say they couldn’t?...many times, the unbelievable actually happens.