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December 28, 2017

The Morgue

A morgue or mortuary can be a place that can send chills up and down the spine of some…it can often be found in a hospital or elsewhere…and it is in this place that it is used for the storage of human corpses that are awaiting identification, perhaps by the latest DNA or other methods…or removal for an autopsy…or more commonly, disposal by burial, cremation or other method…usually, bodies are kept refrigerated to ‘preserve’ them so to speak…of course some bodies are embalmed and there is no need for refrigeration…most bodies don’t spend much time in the morgue, but in some cases, bodies have been kept there for years…for a variety of reasons…a person who is responsible for the handling and washing of bodies is now known as a morgue attendant, or autopsy technician…there are those that might find such an occupation gruesome, but others find it no different than any other job…at least the customers don’t complain…then there’s the funeral cosmetologist who is responsible for dressing the body and applying make-up before a funeral…they may also have to do some constructive work on the face if it is needed…sometimes this is done by the embalmer of funeral director.