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December 26, 2017

Laying Of Hands

The laying of hands is when hands are placed upon a body…this was often done for religious purposes…in Christian churches, this practice is used as a formal method of invoking the Holy Spirit which is done usually during baptisms or confirmations, blessings, ordination of priests, ministers, elders, deacons, and other types of church officers…more recently, the laying of hands refers to healing…it is a form of psychic healing, which may have absolutely have nothing to with religion at all, but is where the healer or group focuses on sending powerful thoughts directly to the part of the body that is in need of help…a medicinal form of metta…in many churches today, people go to the altars to seek the hand of a power evangelist or some other "anointed" man of God…(usually self-anointed) with the hope is that he would lay his hands on them and their problems would magically disappear…they would be miraculously healed, made financially prosperous, and get whatever other gifts he has transferred to them…now some people claim it is like a dead battery being charged by a live one…to reinforce this spectacle of belief, often times it is observed that when the magic hands are laid on people, some people will jump, their bodies may buckle and fall…all so that the spectacle will confirm to others that something was transferred…the lame may suddenly walk, the blind suddenly see, and so forth…people have prayer cloths and sacred oils from suspect TV ministries that were supposedly anointed by the TV evangelist…really?...the laying of hands can still be used when praying for healing, or when praying for people to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, but the scriptures do not teach anything about transference of spirit to anyone in need.